Sullivans Island Community Information

Sullivan's Island is home to the most modern lighthouse in the US. It was built in 1962 and is so modern that there is no need to climb the steps to the top, just take the elevator. The tower itself is 140 feet tall and houses a 28 million candlepower optic that can be seen 26 miles out to sea. This tower marks the entrance to Charleston Harbor.

The island is also home to Fort Moultrie. The history of the facility covers 171 years of seacoast defense, including the first decisive victory in the American Revolution and the firing onto Fort Sumter during the first battle of the Civil War. The third Fort Moultrie, built in 1809, stands today. By touring the fort, visitors can see how coastal defenses have evolved.

A visit to this 18th-century site includes learning the history of the legendary 54th Massachusetts infantry regiment, active during the Civil War, and the "pest houses" where Africans were quarantined. A historic marker recognizes Sullivan's Island as one of the most significant places where Africans were first brought to this country. It highlights the extreme conditions Africans suffered during the Middle Passage and credits the many contributions African Americans made to the development of this nation's history.

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